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Matching & How it Works

Q: How does Pair Dental Screen Specialists?

A: Our team interviews each specialist to get to know them and their priorities. Our team collects a registration from each specialist to collect their professional credentials and completes a license check and reputation check before matching them. We strive to work closely with specialists who are well reviewed by their patients and liked by the practices that we match them with.

Q: Do you have Specialists in my area?

A: We have over 800 specialists nationally in our network. The chances are that we have specialists in your state but if your practice is in an underserved market we do have many specialists that are willing to drive up to an hour or more away to serve your practice. We also do have some specialists who will on occasion fly to an area if the offer is right.

Q: What type of information do you collect from the Specialists?

A: Along with basic personal and professional information, we ask key questions such as: